For Elizabeth Mwende a fashion and design student at Vera beauty and Fashion college, designing and crocheting is what makes her whole. She is the founder of Liziee_creations dealing in ladies wear.

The 22 year old claims she always crocheted from a young age thus the venture into designing. She has showed in major events like Fashion in The Wild and also won the coveted position of the female designer of the year, 2018 House of Legacy awards.

In five years she wants to own a fashion school. Her major challenge is getting orders from ghost clients. She looks up to Fashionnova and Slycrochets.

photography: @veejaystudios

instagram: @liziee collections


  1. Personally, I’d love to acknowledge her work as great and very creative.
    Keep doing what you do and definitely you gonna shine.

  2. You got what sets your soul on fire,and give it your best.
    You already have what it takes to be a superwoman.

  3. Her level of creativity is on another level!I like her work you already have it in you! Keep doing it you I’ll go far! You already have what it takes in this industry


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