At House of Legacy giving the upcoming a voice has always been our number one priority, meet 22 years old Martha Njambi irungu a fast rising Make up artist and photographer based in Nairobi. We had a one on one segment with her and below is what she had to say.

Why Adorned by Martha ?

Adorned means making beautiful,so my work is to enhance the beauty using the brushes.

How did you end up doing photography and make up?

That is where my passion lies.

Who do you look up to?

My big brother John Kuria AKA Veejay.

Best & worst day as a make up artist/photographer?

Best is when a client is satisfied ,worst not yet had any.

Advice to any upcoming mua/photographer?
Consistency and try to learn more stuff everyday..more so not giving up easily.

Describe the experience in working with house of legacy?


Favorite quote?

You have to be odd to be number one

We had an opportunity to work with adorned by martha below are a few photos from the project :

Social media handles, Ig@adornedbymartha  @njambi_martha FB njambi irungu


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