Smart and confident is what describes 21 years old Caroline Mwende founder and CEO Go Girl Marketers, on our brands that build brands segment we caught up with her and this is what she had to say :

Who is Caroline mwende?
Caroline Mwende is a 21 year old, young and ambitious, outgoing, a go-getter, result oriented and humble, concerned about people who are facing any life challenges and is always willing to help.

What is go girl marketers all about?

Go-Girl marketers is my newly establish growing company doing event ushering,brand activations and providing waiters and hostesses which I’m excited about.I came up with the idea after having done various promotions/Brand activations and as they say ‘If you haven’t done these jobs you don’t know what hustling in the city is’ because it was a real struggle.

I sat down and realized that I have interacted with more than 200 young and energetic ladies and gentlemen who put their best foot forward to get their own bread so why not?Well, Most of the people in this industry are ladies and I remember always telling them to put more effort by the tag ‘go-girl you can sell more ‘ hence the company name.

Was this your first love?

No! Actually, I love acting, I pursued film and theater arts at Kenyatta University. I always aspired to become a great actor of which I was passionate about but times changed where you could study and get a job from the same course. I still love acting, I do watch movies and I would love to do it soon!

Biggest career disappointment?

Wooow!Let me say, life in an office is not easy for me anymore but I love working in an office. I’m one person who loves peace of mind. My biggest disappointment was when my employer did not pay me full amount which made me realize how important a contract is as well as self employment.

Mark you, this happened twice and I lost hope. I always put my best foot forward and I really produced great results. All I would advise any employer reading this, do not focus on one wrong, focus on the many rights your employees have done.

Challenges you have faced since you started?

The major challenge is rejected emails which is a bit disappointing not forgetting the stiff competition .

What major threats and opportunities do you foresee in this business?

The only threat is we do have so many similar organizations in the country and I fear clients who delay payment as well with evidence of work done.The industry has great deals and opportunities and it can truly grow if you and your team deliver leading to referrals.

We have so many new brands in the economy which need introduction to the market and I’d be really grateful given an opportunity to activate them.

Tell us about an accomplished that has shaped you as a person?

My biggest accomplishment is education.
It really set bars high.
That is why I’m able to talk and address people.
Education is important.

Sometimes degrees would take you nowhere but basic knowledge is important.

Advice to young girls out there wanting to venture into the same?

Do whatever you want to do, do not limit yourself, let no one shatter your dreams.Always go for what you are passionate about, do good and good will always follow you and lastly, feed your Focus.

When it’s all over how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered for being a great woman in the society most importantly by helping people.


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