In House of Legacy giving a voice to the upcoming is our number one priority,it was not any different when we met one of Machakos town finest upcoming photographer James Mutuku AKA Kevyx Arts who is the current winner of HOUSE OF LEGACY AWARDS PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2019. We caught up with him and he had this to say.

Who is kevyx art?

Kevyx arts is a professional photographer born and raised in Machakos county real name James Mutuku.

Was photography your first love?

Not really, actually photography never crossed my mind as i was growing up,after high school i joined Machakos University where i pursued procurement and supply chain management. Its at around 2017 when photography started hitting me after i started watching guys doing it,i remember one time i went and sat far from Guy’s who were doing a shoot and actually watched a lot though i didn’t approach them,that’s when i started gaining interest and as 2018 started i met Jesse,he told me what i needed to know then the rest as they say is history.

Challenges as a photographer?

Mmmh, there quite number of them but first is to acquire the equipment as a starter you may not get good ones given the quality plus experience you lack .it’s also quite hard to get someone at the top to help you .
Another challenge is some client’s when you deliver photos before payment they will start snubbing and end up not paying, lets pay togs its a hard job. Judgement is also another challenge given most of my clients are ladies,people tend to think you either want them or having an affair which is far from the truth,this is my hustle where i pay my bills so i cant be that dumb.Lastly some client’s don’t understand that it’s not all about quantity but quality so they will need a lot of work be done but the payment is very low so you end up declining the offer.

Best paid & worst paid gig as a photographer ?

So far the best paid gig is 30k for 4 good hours, i did an event and yes that’s the pay i got. Worst pay is 1000 bob for a shoot as a starter in a group of 5.

Who do you look up to in the photography world?

Currently Veejay Photography and Mavo GG.

Define photography in your own words?

Photography is an art, you make sure people see what you want them to see, its all about light.

Advice to any upcoming/aspiring photographer?

Keep searching, keep shooting, gears don’t matter but the brain behind it,post your work let people know what you do,then have a positive mind,its not an overnight success,you must work hard and network with others to learn more.

Best gig & worst gig you have ever covered?

Best gig , blankets and wine , worst gig a birthday shoot and later party and i never got paid till to date i wish i slept.

How’s your experience working with House of legacy?

Definitely superb, special s/o to Chali. He believed in me, gave me gigs and exposure,Thank you so much more work 2020.

Check out some of his work below


more of his work on

SOCIAL MEDIA:FB KEVYX ARTS     ig: @kevyx_arts


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