We caught up with Vivean Wanjiku an upcoming model based in Nairobi and this is what she had to say.

Who is Vivean Wanjiku?

She’s a young upcoming independent model, ready to try anything just to win her fans and get to be one of the best know models in Kenya and internationally.

Why modeling?

Modelling has been in my blood since I was little. I didn’t know how to start but I remember my cousin, Grace, used to design clothes for us and made us model in front of the family. That gave me courage and inspired me to join a training school where JR entertainment took us for training and built our confidence.

Challenges as a model?

There are many challenges but there’s this one thing that always lugs me down which is lack of money and support from our parents. But I believe in hard work. So I support myself financially in any way I can.

Any contests you have participated and which position were you?

Yes,Miss Embu talent where I got to be the first runners up and little Miss Earth Kenya where I got to be the second runners up.

Advice to any upcoming/aspiring model?

Don’t let anyone stop what your best in, just push on, doors will be open to you.

Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?

Letoya Johnstone

How’s your experience working with house of legacy?

Am having a fun time hanging out with them, and I love the way they call me in each and every commercial shoot they have.

Below a few photos from a shoot we did


dressed by: cici afrique

photography: veejay & star 101


  1. I believe in vivean wanjiku…she is a great model….I have watched her on several occasions as she modeled and I trust she can go far …..congratulations girl.Dreams are valid

  2. Life is driven on what you really desire and your passion as they give you confidence and hope on what you do.
    “Letting go” is what keeps many people not to succeed in life.
    Keep it up…… chase your dreams


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