Who’s Faith kalunde?
Faith kalunde is a 21 year old self motivated girl who grew up upcountry ,a graduate from Kenya medical training college, pursuing health records and information technology. Joined a commercial modelling agency that is House of Legacy and thats how my modeling journey begun .

Why modelling?
Wow! This has been the best part of my life, there is a guy in college who inspired me on doing modelling it wasn’t my thing but he really helped me out and since that day I loved being a model.
They all say being a model is being a public figure but all I can say is ,it’s the best opportunity you get to meet new people who inspire and motivate you ,new fashion, new designs and at the end you end up learning a lot.

Who do you look up to in the modelling industry?
There are so many models out there ,each one working very hard to be the best but Lupita Amondi Nyong’o really inspires me she’s so hardworking . Being a black model and an actress in a foreign country is not easy.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Having my own modelling agency where I’ll be recruiting and promoting them .Helping the poor and the street children too .

Challenges in the modelling industry?
Body shaming tops the list ,most people don’t know we have different types of models,complexion is also another challenge light skinned girls seems to have a upper hand in getting jobs.Blackmailing and being taken advantage of if you are new to the industry. Substance abuse is also a major challenge and lack of a stable income.

Advice to any upcoming model?
I would advice to never give up,always aim higher ,work on your diet and invest in yourself modeling is no free show you need to be in a position to pay photographers,make up artist and designers too and don’t forget to keep fit.

What has been your experience working with House of Legacy?
First I would like to thank them for this far I am they have really helped me. The agency made me learn more and get the experience of being model both in social media and on how to interact with people.

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